Story of Self-confident Ranu Begum Moving Forward

Ranu Begum and her husband Shafiqul Islam was introduced to PBK field officer during samity visit. She then discussed with the officer about the current loan product. She expressed an interest to apply for a loan. In 2005 the field enrolled Ranu Begum as the member of the branch.

After that for five years Ranu used to be a housewife and had worked part time tailoring clothes at home. Thus, did not have significant experience.

Soon she applied for a loan of BDT 1,00,000 with the purpose of sending her husband to Saudi Arabia. At this point, they were three people in the family with only one person earning that was Shafiqul Islam.

As Shafiqul was working in Saudi, Ranu successfully was repaying the loan. Once the branch manager visited Ranu regarding future loan plans, Ranu expressed her interest in establishing a beauty parlor. Since her home was located centrally, the branch manager thought it might be a good idea and she started her beauty parlor.

Ranu received two loans of BDT 2,00,000 to upgrade and advance her beauty parlor and she hired two beauticians who were tribal and had experience in this field. Due to the hiring of skillful beauticians, the parlor gained popularity.

Thus, Ranu never looked back. She applied for her third loan from the Galimpur branch for BDT 2,50,000 that was approved. She now earns yearly somewhere between BDT 8,00,000 to BDT 10,00,000. She has gained respect in the family. Her opinions are valued among her neighbors as well.

In the future, she wants to expand her parlor by opening a branch in the Barikhali bazaar and have at least ten to fifteen beauticians working for her. Her income allowed her children to have good education and she hopes for a better future for them.