Pally Bikash Kendra

at a glance
Pally Bikash Kendra (PBK) was founded in 1989 programs in six districts through 65 branch offices. to improve the socio-economic status of the rural poor, especially women and children and enhancing their capacity and ability to control their own lives. Through its social and economic development activities, PBK wants to strengthen the capacities of all the targeted vulnerable individuals so that one day they are independent. PBK is providing different groups of vulnerable people with demand-driven diversified services which are financially as well as socially inclusive. The financial aspect comprises microfinance, micro-enterprise development. The social aspects cover healthcare, sanitation, children’s education, ensuring safe drinking water, gender equity, women empowerment, elderly program etc. the organization is operating its programs in six districts through 65 branch offices.
The organization performs its operations through six full-fledged departments: I. Operational Department, II. Human Resource Department, III. Administration Department, IV. Finance and Accounts Department, V. Internal Audit Department and VI. Monitoring & MIS Department.

Building Capacity, Changing Lives

Our Objectives

To reduce poverty by at least 50 percent of the catchment area

To assist in promoting a balanced, diversified and vibrant economy in the catchment area with special emphasis on the growth of rural agro- based industries, microenterprises, etc.

To provide microcredit facilities both in rural and urban areas.

To ensure the creation of new employment opportunities and that economic assets go to the poor.

To improve and sustain the availability of sanitation and safe drinking water.

To provide children’s education and development, ensure women’s equality and leadership role among the poor.

To be fully committed to protecting and improving the environment.

To increase organizational capacity-both, physical and human resources.

To provide skill development and professional training to the PBK members and staff.