Breaking Barriers of Poverty

The Microfinance program of Pally Bikash Kendra is working with the poor people of Bangladesh especially women in order to limit poverty. The concept of microfinance has empowered the people who remain voiceless and powerless. Undoubtedly, microfinance has positively impacted the lives of millions especially women who proved that given the opportunities, they too can engage in income generating activities and free themselves from the poverty trap.

Pally Bikash Kendra is currently working in 11 districts with its offices in 3 zones, 12 areas and 67 branches. In these turbulent times, Pally Bikash Kendra stands as a reliable anchor for its members through its variety of product offerings to ensure sustainable development. The organization is underpinned by a strong purpose of alleviating poverty in Bangladesh thereby reassuring a sense of hope and meaning to the lives of people who are adversely affected. It also provides financial literacy orientation to the clients so that they can improve their standard of living by proper and constructive use of their borrowed money.

The table below illustrates the loan products, range and the category of businesses that can avail the loans accordingly.

SerialName of Loan ProductsRange (bdt)Category
1BuniadUp to 50000Livestock and Poultry rearing and Goat rearing etc
2JagoronUp to 100000Small business, Land lease, land purchase, Nursery, House making, Agriculture, Livestock and Poultry rearing etc.
3Agrosor100001 to aboveSME, Lair firm, House construction etc
4SufolonUp to 50000Agriculture and Beef fattening etc.
5MDP100000 to abovePower lomn, Agriculture, fisheries, Business etc.
6SIGAUp to 200000Cow rearing, Agriculture, Livestock-Poultry, Beef fattening, Transport purchase, Small business etc.
7LILPUp to 50000Tube well, Latrine, Ornament, House repairs etc.
8ACLPUp to 50000Land lease, House make etc.
9SanitationUp to 50000Latrine
10LRLUp to 50000COV-19 effected family
11RRSUp to 50000COV-19 effected family
12MDP-AF100000 to abovePower loom, Agriculture, fisheries, Business etc.
13LRL-2nd PhaseUp to 50000COV-19 effected family
14LEPIGUp to 50000Cow rearing, Agriculture, Livestock-Poultry, Beef fattening, Transport purchase, Small business etc.

Geographical Coverage of the Microfinance Program

Presently PBK is operating its MF program in 54 Upazilas of 11 Districts. Details geographical coverage is shown in the table below.

Sl. No.DivisionDistrictUpazilaUnionsVillages

Present No. of Branches, Samities, Members and Borrowers of Microfinance Program.

1No. of Branches65
2No. of Groups (Samities)3,086
3No. of Members55,161
4No. of Borrowers41,364

Pally Bikash Kendra understands and emphasizes the importance of savings for a more secure tomorrow. We offer multiple saving schemes to our members.

  • General Savings
  • Voluntary Savings
  • Monthly Deposit Scheme (MDS)
  • Lakhapati and Millionaire Deposit Schemes (LDS)
  • Fixed Deposit Scheme (FDS)
  • Double and Triple Growth Benefit Scheme (DGBS/TGBS)
  • Monthly Benefit Scheme (MBS)
  • One Time Voluntary Savings (OTVS)
  • One Time Voluntary Savings (OTVS)