PBK, along with the support of PKSF, aims to help in reducing miseries of the elderly people through such a specially designed programme. The programme assists elderly people to access social safety services, financial benefits and primary healthcare services of the elder person.
The source of funds for the programme is the Special Fund and Programmes-Support Fund of PKSF and surplus of credit programmes of Partner Organizations (POs). The following activities are implemented under the programme this year.

Selection of Elderly Members
The elderly program has been started through a survey among elderly people from sixty years old to above in Sadar Union Parishad under Mithamoin Upazila in 2018. Until now the total number of elderly members stand at 1,066 (Male- 496, Female-570).

Forming elderly committee and meeting

Elderly committees are formed in village Ward and Union level by the members of elderly committees to express an opinion and share a peace of mind. There are 9 ward committees and a union committee. All committees meet after one month. Total meeting held this year was (attend 30 people, 1 out of 38 respectively).


Also, PBK could not pay some members due to their death and overlapping with union parishad. The allowance money is mostly used for buying medicines and meeting some basic family expenses. Normally, PBK provides bed sheets, blankets, walking sticks, umbrellas, commode chairs and wheelchairs to helpless and physically fragile persons

Honour awarded to the elders

To honour the elderly, who contribute to education, culture, social activities, agriculture in the society and whose children are involved with the honourable profession and take proper care of their parents, PBK identified and honoured.