• Type: Dairy Farm
  • Location : Borohor, Gazipur

Sabina Akter, 34 years old, resides in Borohor village of Gazipur District. She is a housewife by profession. Her family consists of her father-in-law and mother-in-law, her husband and her two children. Her husband Mohammad Rubel Miah is a mechanic at a pick-up van workshop. After passing SSC Rubel Miah went abroad to work as a driver and mechanic. When he returned post COVID, he joined as a mechanic at a car workshop in Amraid Bazar to earn a regular income. Despite working, the money earned was not enough for the family of seven. Thereby he consulted his wife Sabina, for a passive income besides working in the workshop to which Sabina suggested that they could expand their cow farm.

The farm consisted of three cows which they could not expand due to the lack of funds. Therefore, they came to Pally Bikash Kendra, Amraid branch to enroll as a member. The branch manager visited the farm and advised that if the farm maintains environmental standards, then they can apply for an MDP-AAF loan. In 2022 from the Amraid branch they received 250,000 BDT and bought additional two more cows and invested the rest of money for the car garage.

After two years the cows had two calves and would give an accumulated of seven liters of milk. On the other hand additional money started to come in from the workshop. After the duo repaid the initial loan, they applied for a second loan of 400,000 BDT under the MDP-AAF. They bought a second hand leguna using the loan and from their savings. The leguna was used as a means of transportation for the students of Gazipur cadet college. The school paid 3000 BDT every day for the two leguna services. The duo also purchased an old coaster bus from Brac University which in present is rented out for reserved services. In order to keep up with services, the duo hired four workers for the workshop which resulted in increased revenue.

In the present the couple earns 100,000 BDT every month from the legunas, milk, workshop and coaster bus. The farm consists of five calves. At the workshop they have two legunas and one coaster bus with four employees employed. Sabina was able to send her brother-in-law abroad from their collective earnings. The brother-in-law sends back money at home every month. In total they earned assets of a total of 6,000,000 BDT.

Sabina plans to have twenty calves in her farm. Her husband aspires that more would be working in his workshop and will have more leguna and coaster bus in the near future. The duo wishes that their daughter gets a good education and continues to prosper in her life.
Sabina says she would never forget the role of Pally Bikash Kendra and is ever grateful to the organization for being able to bring her on to the right path.